Through The Years:
Space Travel

Anthony had many diverse interests
that began at a very early age and
carried through his adult life.

One of these interests was in outer space and the space program. He loved documentaries on the
space missions and even had a small collection of memorabilia. This interest as a young child
provides the setting for an early encounter which could have become disastrous.

Anthony has always been a very trusting person and his trusting, innocent nature led him to
experience a very personal manned orbital mission. Anthony (pre-school age) and his brothers
were playing "outer space" when they decided that Anthony would be a prime candidate for orbit.
They convinced him to get into the clothes dryer in order to experience the sensation of orbit.
A few minutes into Anthony's flight, he yelled from inside the dryer that it was getting hot in there.
One of his brothers said that this heat was due to the fact that he was getting close to the sun.
Luckily, he exited the dryer without incident,... except for the lasting memory of orbiting the sun a clothes dryer.