Through The Years:
The Snake!

During Anthony's tenure with the Kingsmen, he often found himself in the
middle of some pretty interesting and often comical situations on the road.

One of Anthony's responsibilities was that of manager of record sales and inventory of
product. He took that responsibility very seriously and made sure that each night's sales were
documented to the penny and that the funds were secure for deposit on Monday morning.

The guys in the group decided one night to have some fun at Anthony's expense,..
and dropped a rubber black snake through a roof vent of the bus which landed right in the
middle of where Anthony was reconciling the week's road sales. Anthony said that when the snake
fell, it scared him so badly that money flew through the air everywhere and he took off from the
back of the bus only to find the guys doubled over in laughter.

It is stories like this that bring a smile to our family and friends as we remember
Anthony and the incredibly talented life he lived!