Artist and Industry Friends Remember Anthony

Gone Too Soon

The first time that I heard it, I thought it must be wrong,
I just couldn’t imagine, you left while playing a song.
But then how else would you leave here, to play for heaven’s choir
A host of others waited to welcome you up there.

For years I’d heard your music, and watched you grow in grace
I never thought you’d beat me to heaven to see His face.
I still cannot believe it; I think you can’t be gone
To see those gone before you and in heaven play your song.

The Lord who once had healed your hands and let you play His praise
Now welcomes you in heaven to spend the endless days.
We’ve watched as God called singers and musicians too
To form that heavenly choir where all things are made new.

Our heart cries out, ‘we miss him, we weren’t ready can’t you see’
But Jesus answers softly, ‘it was time he came to Me’.
We cannot understand it, we long to hear you play
And see you with your family, they long for you each day.

But oh what sweet assurance, that when we reach that land
We just have to listen to hear the heavenly band
The music we have loved, the man who played so well
The moment that we hear it, I know our hearts will swell.

We’ll want to see our Savior, our Lord who set us free.
And we will want to praise Him throughout eternity
But when we reach that city one other thing I know
After praising Jesus, there’s one place I want to go.

I want to sit and listen to you play once again
I’m sure the Lord will let me, in that promised land.
There’ll be no sweeter music, as you sit down to play
And all of heaven’s singers, sing praise to God that day.

D. Ann Bailey


Anthony was a good man. I loved being around him. He made the piano sing to your heart. When my manager
Larry Ferguson came to me and told me he passed away after playing my song We Shall Behold Him I began to
cry. Through my tears I realized Anthony now knows the true meaning of that song and he is beholding him face to
face. I will miss him dearly.

Dottie Rambo


It seems that I have known Anthony since I was born. Truthfully, I probably met him first around the age of 3 years
old. A friend of the family took me to a Kingsmen concert and that is my first rememberance of Anthony. The
Kingsmen used to get me up on stage to sing with them during the concerts. Most often I would sing Beulah Land
and Anthony would play on the piano. As I grew up, Anthony would always encourage me to sing, and to pursue
my dreams.

When Anthony left the Kingsmen and went out on his own, he would invite me up to sing either "The Love of God"
or "Temporary Home" on his solo dates. I always looked forward to singing while Anthony was playing.

Years later as I was preparing for my solo CD, I called Anthony to see if he would make a guest appearance on my
project. He agreed. The song we decided on for him to play was "The Love of God." Every time I sing this song,
Anthony is there with me.

Anthony played for me at the NQC a few years ago on a showcase that I was a part of. He always took the time for
other people and he had an incredibly heart.

Not only was Anthony a great musician, but he was a great friend, I will miss my friend Anthony. I am still in shock, I
don't think it's really even hit me yet! I am honored to have called Anthony my friend. I will miss you buddy! I can't
wait to get to Heaven and see one of the Heavenly pianos "on fire!"

I love you and I miss you!

Aaron Crisler


I will never ever forget just how special Anthony Burger was. He had a gift to make new kids on the block feel like
longtime residents. We were at NQC about 2 and 1/2 years ago. Our Bright New Day Cd had come out just a
couple months before that. We were nervous and excited all at the same time. Anthony and LuAnn walked up to
our booth and asked if they could buy our new CD. They insisted on paying for it. They quietly smiled and
seemed to know how they lifted our ministry up with that gesture. We really aren't sure if Anthony wanted the CD
or if he just wanted to reach out to us in that special way that he did to so many, but what an encouragement he
and LuAnn were to us that night.

Each summer we have the blessing and privilege to teach at Steve Hurst School of Music. Anthony came to the
school every year and blessed all of us with his gifts. It was not because he wanted to impress the students with
his AMAZING abilities (which we all know he had)...He came because He loved MUSIC and LOVED Jesus and
believed in Steve's school! He truly worshipped with us and the SPIRIT of GOD came in a very special way at
those concerts.

We will never forget Anthony. The Sound of Heaven has become sweeter. We are so very sorry for the family's
tremendous loss. We are lifting them up to the Father with all our hearts.

Donna Beauvais
Hope's Call


I can remember recording our first record label album. Anthony came in the studio with a smile. He laid the strings
down on our In God We Trust album with one hand. What a man, what a God sent gift too this world. Goodbye for
now buddy. The Watchers are praying for the family.

Pastor Bobby Wright
The Watchers.

I had the opportunity to watch Anthony astound a Lakeland, FL, audience at the Booth Brothers Homecoming.
Always the master showman, Anthony incorporated straight-ahead Southern Gospel into a program that included a
wide range of styles: Big Band, Country, Jazz, Praise & Worship and more. Over 2,000 people enjoyed his
presentation and I'll have to admit that Anthony was at his very best. Intense with his craft, he seemed extra-
determined to give the audience everything they had come to expect from him.

After the concert, I spoke with Anthony and he was excited about what was going on with his career. He seemed
very at peace with himself despite having one of the most hectic careers in Southern Gospel. He was also eagerly
anticipating seeing the March issue of Singing News, which contains a Conversations feature I conducted with
Anthony just a few weeks ago. He jokingly told me he appreciated me not asking "what was the first song you
learned to play?" because it seemed to come up in every interview.

Over at Mark Lowry's website, it's reported that Anthony was playing "We Shall Behold Him," when he suffered the
attack. If that's the case, can you imagine what Anthony saw as he entered into that life?

Makes you wonder if he kept right on playing, doesn't it?

Danny Jones
Singing News