Anthony Burger: Music & Steinway Legacy

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Artist and Industry Friends Remember Anthony

I was privileged to work with Anthony many times over the years, from his surprise visit as the guest pianist for a local group in eastern North Carolina to the recording of "United Through It All" in Louisville during NQC week after the terrorist attacks. Anthony was an incredibly gifted person, and every time I saw him weave his magic on the piano keys, I was in absolute awe. There will never be another just like him. Heaven's got a tremendous piano player now, but we sure will miss him down here! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this most difficult time.

Derrick Boyd

I searched my office and found a copy of the Crossroads Airplay Sampler from March-April 1999, the time we released Anthony's medley of "I'd Rather Have Jesus" and "It's My Desire." It's playing now.

I was a pretty green song plugger in those days, but I was sure that radio stations would take to Anthony's moving piece the way I did and that they'd carry it right up the charts! His styling of "I'd Rather Have Jesus" was so beautiful, and I really liked the tender texture of the rare solo vocal he offered in the second half of the medley.

I remember sharing my thoughts and predictions with Anthony, to which he softly remarked, "Well, I hope you're right, but they usually play me going into news time." He was one gracious gentleman.

All of us at Crossroads are saddened by the news of Anthony Burger's untimely death. He had strong ties to our company—first as a Kingsmen, then both as a soloist and as a member of The Trio featuring Anthony, Ivan Parker, and Kirk Talley.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with the Burger family and with all people who knew and loved this quiet Christian gentleman and wonderfully gifted musician. We'll all miss him, but we delight in knowing where he is.

Jim Stover

Crossroads Music

I first met Anthony in 1979. He had just joined the Kingsmen, and I had just joined the Segos. Since we were both booked by Century II, we worked a lot of concerts together. Back in those days, we were both just teenagers, and I saw him almost every week. I remember Anthony being so much fun to be around. We laughed a lot. It amazes me that he attained the great success that he did, yet so well deserved. He was the best. I guess, like most of you, I feel cheated, but then, God always knows what he's doing. Just imagine what the band sounds like in Heaven right now. I would guess it has just been kicked up a notch, as Anthony has just sat down to play.


It's so hard to lose a hero. Especially one so young. No one has influenced our music any more than my friend. Anthony was someone who lived his dream with passion and pursued it always with excellence and dignity. Truly, he flew higher than most of us ever dream of. I've known Anthony since he and I were kids. He grew up just down the road from me. We have always been close. Today, I feel like I've lost my brother. This is such a sad day for every singer, musician, and friend of Gospel Music. And it seems to me that pianos of Earth must now cry as they say goodbye to a master.

Phil Cross

Though he came along some five years after I did, Anthony Burger and I were born in the same hospital. Before my family moved to Kingston, TN, from Cleveland, TN, his family lived on the same street we did. And though we worked in the same little churches with some of the same local groups in Eastern Tennessee, I didn't get to know Anthony until my upcoming days began in the 90s.

We became close friends, reminding each other of mutual heroes and mentors in the "Sangin' Bidness" from time to time. I was totally stunned to get the news, and truth be known, I am still in shock.

My prayer today is for peace for the family, who are no doubt devastated, and for the countless friends and fans who will miss him. May angels guard our way to the time and place we will see and hear him again!

Woody Wright

We were honored to have Anthony with us at the Steve Hurst School of Music each summer. I think the thing that I remember most is his love of people. It didn't matter who the student was - how well they played or didn't - he took time with them to talk. He wanted to share everything he had with them. And our students LOVED him!!!!! I saw him in December at a Gaither Concert, and he said he was counting the days until school. That is just how he was.

When I heard the news last night, it was so hard to believe he was gone. But in my mind's eye, I can see him playing in heaven. To think, he finished playing "We Shall Behold Him" in the arms of the Lord. Our prayers are with the entire family!! May God be with them during this time!!

Joyce Reid

Steve Hurst School of Music

Anthony Burger was one of the greatest pianists that Gospel Music has ever had, and I'm proud that I had the honor of calling him a friend. He wasn't just a friend, but was also one of my heroes. Anthony Burger, along with Roger Bennett and Derrell Stewart, holds a special place in my heart as my 3 heroes. Everything I do seems to be a mixture of their styles and accomplishments. Anthony encouraged me from the first time I met him. He played a duet with me on my first instrumental album, he invited me to join his Pianorama at NQC, and he wrote quotes about me in publications. He did all of this for some young redheaded kid who he didn't have to take time to fool with, but he didn't mind putting others in the spotlight. I will be forever grateful to Anthony Burger for all that he has done for me, and I'm glad to have been able to hang out with him many times. I spoke with him about a week ago, since he was playing on my newest recording with me. Losing Anthony is a tremendous loss for all of Southern Gospel Music. He had just sent me a copy of his new DVD, and I had watched it the night prior to his death, And I had been putting all of my old Kingsmen VHS tapes onto DVD earlier that day. So I had been watching and listening to his music all day, and after hearing the news, it was such an extreme shock!

Thanks, Anthony, for all you have done for me, and thanks for being a friend! I'm sure that Anthony has found a Steinway in heaven and is holding a Pianorama with Wally, Hovie, and all the greats!

Stewart Varnado

Dixie Echoes

I do not feel like reporting this information. I don't want to.. Because I hate that this has happened. We have lost one of the nicest people I have ever known.

The facts: Anthony Burger apparently suffered a heart attack while performing on a Gaither Homecoming Cruise. Anthony was 44 years old. He is survived by his wife,.. LuAnn, sons A.J. and Austin, and daughter, Lori... as well as his parents Richard and Jean Burger, and brothers; Randy and Clinton Burger.

My thoughts: Anthony Burger was the first person in the industry to support the things that I do. The first to spend money and back my efforts in SG. Anthony,.. And the management in his office,.. Would often email to encourage him. Those words have always meant a lot.. Especially when I was discouraged.

I first met Anthony during his Kingsmen days. He was with the hottest quartet.. And I was with a big radio station. Then I ran into him again at the 2003 National Quartet Convention. After all those years away from the SG limelight... most of my friends in the industry didn't remember me. But Anthony did. He treated me special,.. Even when there was nothing for him to gain.

The page this is written on.. Was to be part of a new website design for Anthony. His office staff and I wanted to surprise him. I never thought these words would be written here. I just never dreamed he would be gone.

I know this doesn't sound much like a big news story... and I am rambling.. But this is hard to write. I miss Anthony Burger.

Chuck Peters



Steinway& Sons

Anthony Burger

The Passing of a Distinguished American Pianist

The House of Steinway & Sons notes with profound sadness the passing of the distinguished American pianist and Steinway Artist Anthony Burger on Wednesday, February 22, 2006, at the age of 44, of an apparent heart attack. Mr. Burger collapsed onstage while performing aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

One of gospel music's premier musicians, Anthony Burger, delivered more than Christian entertainment to his listeners. He also communicated inspirational stories. Intense with his craft, he seemed especially determined to give his audiences everything they had come to expect from such a powerful musician. He was a piano virtuoso with an incomparable style of playing. Mr. Burger was a classically trained, much-revered pianist for the Gaither Homecoming series, as well as a highly successful solo recording artist. On his latest release, "A Tribute To Bill & Gloria Gaither," which received a 2006 Gospel Music Association Award Nomination (formerly the Dove Awards), Mr. Burger recorded some of the best-loved classics from the Gaithers' prolific pen, including He Touched Me, The King Is Coming, It Is Finished, and Because He Lives.

As a recent addition to the Steinway Roster of Artists, both Steinway & Sons, and Mr. Burger, we are looking forward to a mutually inspired and musically fulfilling professional association.

He is survived by his wife, LuAnn, two sons, AJ and Austin; a daughter, Lori; his mother and father, Richard and Jean Burger; two brothers, Randy and Clinton Burger; and countless friends and loved ones.

We wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to his wife, LuAnn, their children, and the entire family.